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Using quantitative screens we look for small, profitable, growing, and undervalued firms with an attractive business niche for the LSGI portfolio. We are long term investors, seeking maximum capital appreciation. In our quest for excess returns, we attempt to utilize applied financial theory to substantially outperform all the major market indexes over time. The portfolio focuses on the most inefficient part of the equity market—the small capitalization sector.

Over the last decade, our research and analysis have been referenced in articles in Barron’s, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, MSN Money, the Dick Davis Digest, Silicon Investor, the Dallas Morning News and a dozen other U.S. newspapers and magazines. We are a regular guest on Jim Puplava’s FSN broadcasts focusing on the energy sector and have discussed commodity market trends on BBC Radio Scotland.

We serve as an advisor to the Michigan Tech Applied Portfolio Management Program, overseeing finance students responsible for managing $1 million of the University’s endowment. We also instruct oil & gas and environmental law and business programs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.